We Need A Catch Up

Oh dear, it has been ages since I have sat down and updated my blog. I have been a busy boy and thought I had better give you a round up of my summer and then start afresh with my regular posts.

Foster Doodles

I met up with my cockapoo foster brother, Charlie, and his new family to celebrate his first birthday. We had a lovely day on the beach and we walked along from Whitley Bay to St Mary’s Lighthouse and along the coastal path. Jaff also joined us and we all had lots of fun together. We couldn’t stay out all afternoon though as we had a new visitor at home and couldn’t leave him for long.

Since I last talked to you all, I’ve had another foster brother. Murphy labradoodle came to stay with us for a few weeks while he found his new family. He was my best friend and we had a great time wrestling together and getting into mischief. He liked to steal things off the kitchen benches and parade around the house with his ‘prize’.

We all helped to look after him but the other dogs didn’t want to play with him, so he liked me the most. Mam and dad thought he might be with us for longer than he was, as he needed some further training. But a lovely family spotted him and it was love at first sight for all of them, so he went off with them and is enjoying his new life. I do miss him but I know he is happy and I am sure I’ll have another foster friend once mam’s work settles down again.

Poodle Friends

We went to the most exciting poodle meet yet. A meet up was arranged at Druridge Bay and my brother Patch persuaded his family to come along. We haven’t seen each other since our first birthday so it was very exciting to have a catch up after 2 years. Not only that, but my actual proper poodle mam persuaded her family to come along as well. The first photo is Zara, my mam, and Patch, my litter brother. He is smaller than me but I’m sure you’ll agree the good looks run in the whole of the family.

There were 27 poodles all together and we had a great time on the beach. You may have spotted I’ve had a drastic haircut, as I was starting to look like a woolly bear. I am allowed to grow a bit of it back but I stay shorter in the winter as I really, really like mud and take hours to dry off after my walks.


After the poodle meet we managed to persuade mam and dad to take us to The Drift Cafe in Cresswell. Mam has been talking about it for ages as it is right on the beach and lets dogs in, but we have never managed to go. It was nice and sunny and the fencing shelters you from the wind, so we sat outside and posed nicely, hoping we’d find a crumb or 2. We got lots of cuddles from the lady who brought the food out and I got to say hello to a french bulldog girl who really wanted to say hello to me. I mean, how can anyone not want to say hello to me? The cafe got a paws up from all of us – dog friendly, lovely staff and very nice food (apparently, as we couldn’t even find a crumb to have a taste).


Mam realised I wasn’t that happy running with her for our canicross training. I would run really fast and pull for 5 minutes, but then I’d stop a lot and shake myself down and then not want to run. So dad gave me a try and they’ve worked out that mam is too slow for my long legs and I need to RUUUUUUUUN. So now I run with dad and Jaff has volunteered himself to run with mam. He is happy to run at her pace while she gets a bit fitter and it means we can all train and enjoy it.


I have been to one of the Sunday sessions with dad and then we all run together on a Friday evening. Mam is waiting for some trail shoes to arrive in the post so she doesn’t slip in the mud and then she will be able to go back to the Sunday runs with Jaff and not fall over now it is wet most of the time. I will be able to go along with dad on the weekends where he doesn’t have a cyclo-cross race, as they are on the same days.

I am now doing weekly Rally training classes on a Saturday morning. They are really helping me to focus more and it gets us all out of bed. Xander brings dad along and I get to train with mam. We all have lots of fun and then we go off and meet up with our Saturday walking friends and have a race about to tire us out.

ASB group

Indi Labrador has been the only Saturday dog for a couple of weeks, so she has joined my whole family for some group walk fun. My mam has had a few changes with her walks so I have had to say goodbye to a couple of friends but I’ve also said hello to some new ones. My mam has said it may be an idea if I introduce my friends properly at some point, so I am going to do some posts for you all to get to know them. I’m going to start with a bit about all of the other dogs I live with, so keep a look out for updates over the next few days.

I think that is us all caught up and I promise to be in touch more often.

Bye for now

Woody Poodle xx


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