It’s My Birthday

I turned 3 on Friday. Mam saved my monthly Pet Nature Box treats for me to share and I had a lovely day with my dog walking friends. I thought I had better update my blog as I’ve missed a couple of posts and my mam is withholding my treats until I get a post done (only kidding, she can’t resist my ‘please can I have a treat’ eyes).

I’ve had a couple of adventures over the last couple of weeks, as the dog walking van had to go in to the garage for a few days. That meant we had the car for work and I don’t usually go in the car. I was a bit worried at first, but I let mam guide me and eventually worked out what to do.


I got a bit silly when I had to go through the driver’s side after a walk. I go in the van on the passenger side and couldn’t work out why I was getting in a different side. I couldn’t go in the usual side as mam couldn’t open the door far enough to let me jump in. She said she missed the sliding door on the van, as she can let me in no matter how close another car parks near us. After a couple of trips I settled on the back seat with my seat belt on and got to enjoy my walks with my friends, as I would have missed them if I didn’t like going in the car. Just look at how much fun I have, I don’t like to miss out on seeing my friends every day.

I get a bit nervous when I do new things but I quickly get used to the new way and like to learn about new adventures. You can teach an old dog new tricks, no matter their age! And we got the van back within 3 days, so both mam and myself were happy again as it is much easier for work than using dad’s car, but we were happy he let us use it for a few days.

Mam took me to watch my dad in a mountain bike race in Bedlington. I have never been to one of his races before as mam usually takes one of our foster dogs to have some one to one time with them. As we don’t have a foster dog staying, it was my turn and I had a good time. I got to hunt for my ball while we were waiting for dad to come round so we could see him and I was very good waiting for the cyclists to go passed. I like to spend time just chilling and watching as it is a bit different to running about with my friends. Mam said I did very well and I can go to another one, which I’d very much like to do.

I then got to meet up with my poodle friends yesterday. I love going on new walks and we made the most of the good weather and were out for 4 hours. We went along the Wylam to Newburn track and all the humans had food at Hedleys cafe. It is very dog friendly and we all got lots of cuddles from the staff and other people who were visiting. The humans said the food was very good, especially the cake. We all got a few dog treats to stop us drooling over the cake as there was no way the humans were sharing their food with us.

Lottie came along again and she was very well behaved. She is getting really good at not jumping at other people when she comes on these walks with our friends, although she did try to steal a giant tennis ball from someone along the riverside. They just found it funny as she couldn’t pick it up, but she had to go on her lead for the walk to the cafe as she kept trying to go back and get it. We both slept as soon as we got home and only really woke up to have our tea. Socialising with our friends is definitely a good way to tire us both out.

Well, I’d better leave it at that as mam said something about a haircut. I am getting too hot so I need a tidy up even though I’m never overly thrilled to get my hair cut. I’m getting better though and don’t mind it too much and I do like to look good at the end.

Speak to you all soon.

Woody Poodle xx


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