Pet Nature Box

I thought I’d share my new found excitement with all of my friends. A couple of weeks ago, there was a knock at the door and I thought it was just another cardboard box that the man wearing red gives to my mam on a regular basis. Mam says he’s called a postman, but I think he just brings us lots of cardboard that then has to be taken to the tip as it doesn’t fit in the recycling bin.

But this pile of cardboard was different. It had a really good smell and mam called me into the living room to open it. Could there actually be something interesting in the cardboard that I might like? She’s tried this before and I discovered it was shampoo in the cardboard which means bath time (not even slightly funny). After lots of rustling and opening of the cardboard, this was what was inside (you’ll have to ignore Jaff collie taking over my photos, he got very excited by the parcel and wanted to help).


Mam had sneakily ordered us our very own box of delights. When I say our box, it is actually for me, but apparently it is rude to keep everything for myself so I have promised to share it all out. She said it is a Pet Nature Box. Mam knows we are all destructive with toys so she ordered us the tough nut box. Mam got a bit excited about the peanut butter and thought she could sneak it into the human cupboard for her toast, but I spotted her and she guiltily put it back with the dog treats. I’m not sure why I stopped her because she dipped some of the biscuits in it for us to try and I don’t like the weird texture. It was like paste in my mouth and I just wanted a nice biscuit, but the others liked it so now mam can’t steal it as it has had dog biscuits dipped in it.

Two weeks on, and the toys are still going strong. Xander cocker has ‘stolen’ the star fish for himself and mam said it is an absolute miracle that he hasn’t ripped it to shreds. We may have found a soft toy that he won’t eat in 10 minutes.


I’m almost certain there are some of the treats left in the dog cupboard, but we have loved all of the ones we have tried so far and I’m sure we will love the other ones when the packets are opened (hint, hint mam). If I look desperate enough she might bring a packet out for all of my walking friends to have a try tomorrow (even bigger hint).

Well, that’s all for now. I’d better go and resume this position ………

Smiley Woody
………. as it has been a long day in the heat.


Bye for now.

Woody Poodle xx


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