Seaham Poodle Meet

Well, that was a busy weekend. I did my business duties and went on the regular Saturday walk that my mam does (shh, I pretend it is work for me but really all I do is play with my friends and have a good time). I’m not very good at being left for more than 3-4 hours, even though I live with 6 other dogs. I love company and get anxious if I’m left too long so I had to go on a road trip with mam and dad on Saturday afternoon. They were transporting a foster dog to help him get to his new family, so I went along. I had great fun as I got to sleep in the van after my walk. I then met the foster dog while the humans had a chat and we had a good play. He kept biting my bum which I didn’t like but we soon worked each other out and had a good chase about together. Then back in the van and the foster dog came with us, as his new family were coming to our house to pick him up when we got back. It was a very tiring day but apparently I needed an early night as something fun was also happening on the Sunday.

I have just started to go for walks with some poodle friends. We will try to meet once every 4-6 weeks and visit different places for nice long walks with lots of other poodles. Our first walk last month was at Plessey Woods and it was very wet but great fun.

This month we met at Seaham. My mam has never been before so it was a good excuse to meet our poodle friends and see what the beach was like. I’m used to lots of sand so it was a bit different as it is a very pebbly beach. We also took Lottie poodle along and my mam and dad weren’t convinced she would behave herself but she was very good. They said something about maybe taking her to another one if she can behave herself, so that would be good, as I do love Lottie very much. We were also joined by 3 dalmation girls so I had some spotty competition this month.

We all headed along the beach, getting to know our new friends and catching up with some of the friends I had made last month. It was high tide but there was enough beach for us to have a good play and walk along together. We then headed along the top to get an ice cream and as much as we tried, we didn’t even get a lick.

We headed back along the promenade and mam asked us to pose nicely together. We messed about a bit until she promised us a tasty treat and we thought we had better pose as we were hungry after all the racing about on the beach.

We got back to the start of the beach and a few people had to leave straight away as we had been out for a couple of hours. A few of us stayed for another play as we didn’t want the day to end.

I impressed all of the girls with my ball retrieving skills. My mam gave the game away as I only perfected picking a ball out of water a few weeks ago. I’m glad I’ve learned how to do this as all of the girls were very impressed and it meant we could have a play in the sea. Lottie likes to play with the ball but she won’t go as far into the water, so I helped her out.

I’m sure I heard the humans talking about another beach walk for the next one, which will be good as it means Lottie can come along and go off her lead. She can’t be let off her lead in woods where there may be deer as she likes to chase them and goes a bit deaf. I have no idea what she does to go deaf as this doesn’t happen to me and I hope it never does, as I like to go off my lead and play with my friends. She’s 8 though, so maybe it’s what happens when poodles get a bit older. I’ll have to wait and see as I’m not quite 3 yet.

Well, I’d better go as I’m sure I can hear my dad sorting out my tea.

Speak to you later.

Woody Poodle xx



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