I have been a foster brother to a few dogs. My mam and dad help out the Doodle Trust by occasionally fostering a poodle cross breed to find them a new home. Last Sunday we met up with my last foster brother, a cockapoo called Charlie. He went to his new mam and dad a few weeks ago and I wanted to see if he was behaving himself as he can be a bit naughty.


I had a walk with all of my family plus two extra friends before we went to see Charlie. My mam had Lola cavalier king charles spaniel and Alice springer spaniel to walk in the morning so we all went together. We sometimes do slightly bigger walks at the weekend as dad can come along and help with all of the dogs. It has the added bonus that I was a bit tired for meeting Charlie as we were going to try out a new dog cafe.

Charlie was very excited to see us and I was a bit overwhelmed as it’s not often I go places by myself. I usually have a few friends with me, so I get a bit excited and worried as I am never quite sure why I am by myself and what is about to happen.

We had a lovely time at The Barking Bistro in Whitley Bay. It only opened a few weeks ago and it is for dogs, but we are allowed to bring our humans for a coffee as long as they are well behaved. Charlie’s new dad treated us to a doggy biscuit as we were very well behaved while the humans had a chat and a catch up.


Charlie couldn’t wait for the biscuit and he tried to grab it. But we were asked to sit before we had our share. We were allowed to say hello to another cockapoo and a french bulldog who were also in the cafe with their humans. We all liked this cafe very much and will definitely be going again. A cafe for dogs that lets humans in as well is a win-win for everyone.

I really like being a foster brother as it means I get a new play mate for a short time and then they get to go and live with a new family who loves them very much. I have a lot of friends so I am never sad when they go. If you would like to be a foster brother or sister and your humans think they could help, then take a look below. Your mam and/or dad will get lots of support if they think they can help and it is always fun to have a new friend, even if it is only for a couple of weeks at a time.


Well, I’d better sign out as my dad is doing something with the ferret house in the garden and I need to go and help (well, stand in his way really).

Bye for now.

Woody Poodle xx


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