TD Rally

I’ve had a go at a few bits of training and really enjoyed puppy and the follow on classes, so my mam was looking for something we could both enjoy. She started her Rally training with Xander cocker but he decided he preferred working with dad, so I now get to do some training. And I love it. I’m a bit of a challenge for mam as I have the turning circle of a cart horse – her words, I think I’m a graceful elephant!

We go to a monthly class for a couple of hours to learn new bits and work on what we already know. Dad comes along with Xander cocker and they enjoy it as well. Xander decided to muscle in on my posing photo on our break so he could get an extra treat from mam.

We are supposed to do training at home, but some weeks we are a bit naughty and don’t do much work on the bits we really need to sort out. I’ve had a word with mam and she has promised we can do more training and I might be able to do some competitions to see how well we get on.


It took mam ages when I was a puppy to persuade me to lie down instead of sitting. When we started Rally, I wasn’t too impressed with this floor and refused to lie down. Last month’s class, mam had to use a lot of treats and encouragement to get me to do the stations where I had to lie down. This month, I decided to be cheeky. Every time she stopped giving me all of her attention, I lay down and stared at her. I like to keep her on her toes and she was very impressed and gave me extra treats for being so good. Only problem is she now knows I don’t mind lying down on this floor so I’ll need to come up with something else to get extra treats for next training session.

For those who don’t know what rally is, it is a kind of obedience training, just not as strict as you see at crufts. We go around a course and work on different ‘stations’ in a set order, so it is a bit like a combination of agility and obedience. We both have lots of fun and I get a whole heap of treats, so it can’t be bad if food is involved. We train with Ruff Diamond Dog Training and if you look at the page you may even find a video of me in action.

If you think you and your human would like to have a go and join us, have a word with Cris and we may see you at training one month. Then you can sleep like this all Sunday evening, as using my brain for 2 hours wears me out.


Well, I’d better go and get some more snoring in, as I’ve had a tiring day. Places to go, things to sniff.

Speak to you all later.

Woody Poodle xx


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