Watergate Forest Park, Gateshead

Well, it’s about time we had a visit here. My mam first spotted this potential new walk nearly 3 years ago when she drove to view a poodle litter and picked me to be the ‘chosen one’. She has been meaning to go for a walk here ever since, so today we finally went along with my Saturday walking friends and my older ‘brother’ Murphy.

Watergate Forest Park Map


Murphy is the blue merle collie and he is 11 but acts like a naughty puppy when he thinks people might give him food. My squashy friends are Henry pug and Betsy and Percy frenchies. The chocolate labrador is Indi and she is my weekend girlfriend. I’ll introduce you all to my weekday girlfriend at some other time.

This walk was definitely worth the wait. I had a great time with all of my friends and we got lots of admiring comments along the way. We saw a horse and went back on our leads as a couple of my friends are a bit too nosey and like to check out horses and may frighten them. The lady on the horse stopped to say hello and ask about us, as we attract a bit of attention when there are 6 of us.

A few people asked what I am, as most people haven’t met a standard poodle, let alone a stunner like myself in my black and white colouring. Probably doesn’t help that my mam has given me a drastic summer clip so I look a bit like a curly pointer at the moment. She had promised to get me looking more like a poodle in the next few weeks as my hair grows back.


We went along the red route as my dad said it would show us the whole of the park so we could see what it was like. The car park is hooooge and my mam said it would be difficult to fill it up so there is plenty of parking for other dogs and their humans. We started on set paths and followed the route, meeting a few friends along the way. There were lots of patches of grass to explore and we all got lots of treats for coming in to the side to let children, joggers and other dogs go passed us. We aren’t allowed to say hello to dogs on leads unless their human says we can, as sometimes they are scared of us or may be injured, so we get treats for letting them go passed without us bothering them. We did get to say hello to a few dogs who were happy to see us and make new friends.

We found a few statues and sculptures along the way which broke up the walk a bit as my mam kept asking us to pose for photos. We pretend we don’t want to stop but actually, we like photos, as it means more treats.

We were very excited when we found the woods and the bluebells (more posing for photos). We had fun going in and out of the water in the woods for a cool down and just to get as wet as possible. There were a few sets of stairs in the woods but my mam thinks you could go another way and avoid the ups and downs, so it is good excuse to go back at some point and see what other routes we can find.

The red route doesn’t follow the lake around, which was just as well, as we found it at one point and Indi was off trying to chase ducks as she loves a good swim. The lady she stays with on her holidays calls her ‘Indi Otter’ as she would just swim around all day if you let her. She did come back as soon as my mam blew her whistle and we all got more treats.

Henry likes to pretend he is doing his bit for recycling but he just likes to tease us all when he finds a discarded plastic bottle to carry for a while.

My mam had heard there was a new cafe that has opened and we helped her find it as we can all find food from miles away. Well actually, food hound Murphy was in the lead, closely followed by greedy Henry, although we did all follow for a look as none of us like to miss out on anything that may involve food or cuddles. Luckily it is a dog friendly cafe and the door wasn’t open, so we were rounded up and put on our leads. We waited outside with mam while dad went in to buy some brownies to have with a coffee when we got home. We were all very good when two children came to give us cuddles while we were waiting and we got a few treats for sitting nicely and not jumping up at them. I think I’ve persuaded my mam and dad to take me back at some point to check the cafe out properly, as I’ve heard they also sell treats for dogs and not just for humans.

My mam has promised we can spend more Saturday walks with the dog walking gang exploring new walks and finding new routes on some existing walks, so I’ll be sharing more of my adventures with you all very soon. I’ve promised to share a bit more about my friends so watch out for introduction posts so you can follow us all on our adventures.

I’m off to have a well earned upside down nap. Speak to you all again soon

Woody Poodle xx


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